Histogram of raw or FDR-adjusted p-values from the moderated t-test.

# S3 method for bioTMLE
plot(x, ..., type = "pvals_adj")



object of class biotmle as produced by an appropriate call to biomarkertmle


additional arguments passed plot as necessary


character describing whether to provide a plot of unadjusted or adjusted p-values (adjustment performed via Benjamini-Hochberg)


object of class ggplot containing a histogram of the raw or Benjamini-Hochberg corrected p-values (depending on user input).


if (FALSE) { library(dplyr) library(biotmleData) library(SuperLearner) library(SummarizedExperiment) data(illuminaData) colData(illuminaData) <- colData(illuminaData) %>% data.frame() %>% mutate(age = as.numeric(age > median(age))) %>% DataFrame() benz_idx <- which(names(colData(illuminaData)) %in% "benzene") biomarkerTMLEout <- biomarkertmle( se = illuminaData, varInt = benz_idx, bppar_type = BiocParallel::SerialParam(), g_lib = c("SL.mean", "SL.glm"), Q_lib = c("SL.mean", "SL.glm") ) limmaTMLEout <- modtest_ic(biotmle = biomarkerTMLEout) plot(x = limmaTMLEout, type = "pvals_adj") }